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"Dedicated To Helping Individuals, Families, And Businesses Reach Their Full Potential."             

New Clients

Please Submit the New Patient Packet by Fax to (505) 325-6453 or via email with a copy of your Photo ID and Current Insurance card. We will contact you once everything has been completed and submitted. If you don't hear from us within 24 hours, please feel free to contact our office at (505) 325-5321.

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You Have Your Choice of Counseling

Choices Counseling Services provides counseling to assist individuals, families and businesses reach their full potential. Counseling focuses on helping responsible children blossom within empowered, supportive families. Counseling can help relationships flourish through mutual support and understanding. The primary asset of any business is its safe, committed and productive employees. Our counseling services help individuals, families and businesses harness their human potential to be successful.

Happy, balanced, productive lives are influenced by our experiences and determined by ways we respond to life’s challenges.  At Choices, we are counseling professionals trained to help others more clearly understand the challenges and opportunities before them. We employ our knowledge to reinforce life and relationship skills. We use our experience to mobilize strengths that enhance the quality of life. We are a primary resource to businesses and employees to improve workplace safety and increase productivity.

 Life is a series of choices. Sometimes the best choice is to seek support rather than go it alone. The first step is to call...

Services Offered

Choices Counseling offers a wide variety of counseling options.

Individual Counseling
Family Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Children's Counseling

Contact us in Farmington, New Mexico, to learn more about our individual and family counseling services.

Who We Are

Choices Counseling Services has been serving Four Corners’ residents since 1991.  We provide solution-focused therapy to a diverse clientele.  Choices strives to provide the affordable mental health care for any San Juan County child, couple or family member.

Our therapists provide effective, efficient and responsible care. The treatment modalities we employ have been demonstrated to yield the most effective care.  Effective counseling concentrates on individualized strength building and mental health promotion. Responsible counseling includes matching patient personalities and needs with the talents of individual therapists.

We provide a full range of services from emergency (Critical Incident Stress Management) to longer term in-depth care. We employ highly skilled therapists who specialize in couples counseling, family or individual treatment. We serve a full age range of clientele from pre-school through late adulthood.

"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."
from Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy

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Contact Us

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